You have to start somewhere …

When Judea was in the hospital post choking incident, and in a coma, and we didn’t know if he would wake up or not – we didn’t know if he would live or not – I started a Myspace page for him.  I might have waited til he woke up from his coma, I can’t really remember.  But I thought it would be a good way to keep family and friends updated on his daily and moment by moment progress, rather than individual phone calls and texts and emails.

After several months, I went back into the page and printed out some of them for my mother; mom did not have a computer, did not have Internet access, and desperately waited for information in her home in New Orleans while we were all in Northern California.  Mom had not yet met her great grandson Judea.  That meeting came during a trip in 2010, a year before she passed on. It was momentous for all in the family, and she fell in love with Judea immediately.

So the print outs were to send to my mom who could maybe share them with other family members who also did not have Internet or computer access.  All of this to say, I will go back into the memory vault of Myspace to share some of the eventful days and nights that have occurred during Judea’s first 5 years, post choking incident.

I use the word incident instead of accident, intentionally.  Incident is what it was in my mind – the serious and almost fatal outcome could perhaps have been averted if someone had immediately started CPR, calling 9 1 1 , rather than doing a finger swipe into Judea’s mouth.  Not a good idea to do a finger swipe, parents and grandparents.  More on this in another post.

Judea and school

Judea is in 4th grade in a special needs small classroom.  There is a program of education that is supposed to be on schedule for him, however he is unable to express his learning capabilities.  So teaching formats are limited to suit his capabilities.  He can watch TV, however if the screen is too small and there are kids in front of him, he can’t see the small screen from any distance. His vision from his cortical blindness has severely affected his vision.

He gets a speech therapy session for one hour each week, or maybe 50 minutes each week.  He has started adding a couple of new sounds to his speech pattern. Judea is unable to push buttons or acknowledge what he is learning, unless you can learn to read his body and facial language.  We know he can see something, not sure what or how much.  We know he can hear, because he is very sensitive to loud and sharp sounds.  He also acknowledges his favorite music and TV programs and movies.

I like to tell him he’s a big boy cause he’s in 4th grade now.  That does mean something when people hear it, because it reflects his age moreso than his capabilities to learn. Unfortunately we’ve been told he has to be bussed to school next year for 5th grade – bussed at least 30 minutes each way, which means his nurse will have to ride on the bus with him to and from school. Up to this point, dad has been able to walk him to school in morning and walk him home in afternoon.

Having to bus is going to add a negative layer to difficulty to get him ready in the morning, and to trust that he’ll be Okay on the bus to and from school. Stress, anxiety.